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Don’t you think that love sucks? Things can go from great to shit in less than 30 seconds. Maybe I’m a little high maintenance but there is little I ask for. I just don’t like feeling second best. In a relationship you must always put your partner first, isn’t that what love is supposed to be about. Little things like:

  1. Picking to go out or stay in with your girlfriend instead of another crazy boy’s night out.
  2. A compliment here and now without being asked, and without the response ‘fine’ I am not a parking ticket
  3. To actually plan things and not asking what I want to do, or saying I don’t know when asked.
  4. That a date once in a while wouldn’t go a miss, women like to get dressed up all nice for you
  5. To give details on what you’re doing and who you’re out with instead of…

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CatEyeKai now has a .com!

I will be continuing what I’ve been doing here over at i’d really appreciate it if you go check me out over there! I’m still learning the ropes and getting used to all of this but it’s been loads of fun and I want to keep improving and upgrading!

I will still be active on here with reblogging pretty hair posts and cute little animal videos and the like. But, I’ll be posting content there! 🙂